How US-backed Saudi war has decimated Yemen — Interview on “Around the Empire”

I had the privilege of joining Dan Wright and Joanne Leon, of Shadowproof, for their podcast “Around the Empire.” We spoke about the US-backed, Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has gone on for more than 21 months, with very little attention in the media and virtually none in formal US politics.

In summary, they write:

The discussion focuses on the overall dynamics of the civil war in Yemen, as well as the motives of external actors participating in the war such as Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Iran. The role of the United States in facilitating Saudi Arabia’s brutal bombing raids has put the U.S. in jeopardy of being charged with war crimes.

Ben explains the horrendous toll the conflict is taking on the people of Yemen, the necessity for a political solution to stop the carnage, and the obstacles such a solution faces from all parties involved.

You can listen to the interview here, or on their Patreon page. My segment begins at 8:00.