How US-Saudi war unleashed world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen – Samar Jarrah interview

Journalist Samar Jarrah invited me onto her global affairs radio talk show True Talk to discuss the war in Yemen, where 30 months of bombing and blockade by the US-UK-Saudi-UAE coalition has created the largest humanitarian catastrophe in the world.

You can listen to the interview below, courtesy of Tampa, Florida’s listener-supported, commercial-free radio radio station WMNF:

We speak about the horrific crisis Yemenis are enduring, with more than 80 percent of the population in need of humanitarian aid, millions of the verge of famine, more than 800,000 cholera cases.

I also address the two separate US wars being waged in Yemen: the joint US-Saudi coalition war on the Houthi-Saleh government, and the 16-year covert drone war.

Jarrah describes her program True Talk with the following: “The show focuses on the Middle East and the Muslim world. The show also discusses issues that Muslims face world wide, as well as for American Muslims who are seeking to live as peace-loving Americans in a nation that often has only seen stereotypical portrayals of Islam.”