‘We Are with Humanity; We Are Against Occupation’: Bassem Tamimi on Life and Resistance in West Bank Village Nabi Saleh

(This article is published in Mondoweiss.)

“As-salamu alaykum,” Bassem Tamimi began. “Peace be upon you.”

Around 100 New Yorkers squeezed into a The New School lecture room on the evening of September 15. They were there to listen to the veteran Palestinian activist speak about life under occupation, and the nonviolent resistance he helps lead against that occupation.

Tamimi overtured his talk with videos of the weekly protests in his village Nabi Saleh, including the viral video depicting an Israeli soldier trying to arrest a young child whose arm is in a sling, while Palestinian women wrestle the boy free.

He explained that it was his family in those videos. “My suffering and my family’s suffering is an example of the Palestinian suffering and the occupation,” Tamimi said.

Tamimi told the rapt audience in detail what life is like behind that camera, what Palestinians withstand under occupation.

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