White Supremacists Vandalized Rhode Island Islamic School on Valentine’s Day

(15 February 2015)

While people across the country celebrated Valentine’s Day, white supremacists vandalized the Islamic School of Rhode Island, a pre-kindergarten-to-8th-grade school in the small town of West Warwick.

The vandals spray painted

They also drew a circle with a cross in it, known as the sun cross or wheel cross. This is a symbol used by white supremacists, such as the KKK, and fascists, including neo-Nazis.

rhode island islamic school vandalized

The local newspaper the Providence Journal reported on the vandalism. Interestingly, it did not actually interview anyone from the school, or any Muslims in the West Warwick community. It did interview Rabbi Sarah Mack, of Temple Beth-El in Providence, who said “I find it very upsetting. The Muslim community in Rhode Island is very open and peaceful.”

Some Americans still claim that Islamophobia is not a problem in the US. Attacks like this—in conjunction with the pre-meditated murder of three Muslim American youths only four days before in Chapel Hill, and the media’s lackluster response to their deaths—however, more than demonstrate that anti-Muslim bigotry is rampant.